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How Much Money Does a Coach Make?

When I think about jobs that make someone a millionaire, I don’t see a lot of opportunity in the regular workforce.  CEO’s or successful business people become millionaires.. so when you  hear about Beachbody Coaches who are millionaires, You are probably wondering if these income claims are real, and if they are real, you are probably wondering how Beachbody Coaches make so much money. If we look at the Beachbody coaching income for 2011, you can see that it is possible to make over a million dollars per year, because someone did it.  Check out the chart below which shows the lowest and highest annual income of Beachbody coaches as well as the average incomes for each rank.

I know with 100% certainty that there are Coaches making some serious cash. I know a Coach on our team just paid cash for a new house with his income from Beachbody. But, how many Coaches exactly is hard to say, since that depends on your definition of  ”serious cash”. If I had to guess how many Coaches were making between $5,000 - $10,000 a week or more, I would guess around 50. I may be way off, I tried to guess towards the low end as it would be better to guess below then guess over and be called out for trying to hype up the business. The reality is there is a handful of Beachbody Coaches making some good money on a consistent basis. It is also important to understand that these numbers will grow overtime. Beachbody’s business opportunity has not even been around for 5 years yet, so it really is still in its infancy stage.. but we already have Coaches who have made over a million dollars in this business. I looked at the Coach Earnings PDF before I became a Coach, and of course got very excited about the possibilities of financial freedom! I wasn't looking at the low end, because I KNEW that I had goals to become a Star Diamond Coach and I knew that I would work to get there.

I can understand why it would be hard to see how a Beachbody Coach could make so much money. $10,000 a week is A LOT of money, I can understand why most people who are not familiar with how network marketing would think that this is just crazy.

This is exactly why a Beachbody Coach can earn so much money. With the Network Marketing business model, you are able to leverage the time and work of others, which makes the opportunity literally have unlimited earning potential. It is very important to understand the leverage you are able to use, and how to use to best maximize your compensation.

With this business you can focus on retailing products and earn a 25% commission on all of your sales. A Beachbody Coach who makes a consistent amount of sales can easily earn $500 a week... One retail Coach in 2011 made $20,499 just selling products! That's not bad for just using one part of our compensation plan. And Beachbody produces great products that people actually want, so selling the products is not too difficult and is a great way to make money from the start. But it is also important to realize that you will have to build a team and sponsor Coaches if you want to make the big bucks. A Coach that is making $5000 a week or $10,000 a week is not earning that amount because they sell 300 fitness products every week. They are making that amount because they have a huge organization with hundreds, even thousands of Coaches in it. That high number of Coaches may seem hard to achieve, but you have to realize you are not building your organization all by yourself. Your up-line Coach as well as any Coaches in your downline are also building onto your team.

Here is a link to a great audio with Craig Holiday that talks about the network marketing business model: Click Here

Now, let’s be clear.  Even though all Beachbody coaches have every opportunity to succeed, most simply won’t, and that's not because of the business model, it's just because they simply won't put forth the time and effort necessary to succeed... so before getting into this business you need to ask yourself how much you are actually willing to do. The people who made the lowest income are the people who aren't taking their business seriously. I'm sure they were not plugging into team calls, were not making contacts every week, were not helping their customers, were not using all of the tools and training that was given to them. We give every Coach on our team a VERY SIMPLE process to follow to become successful, but it is up to YOU to actually follow the steps and do the work. This is NOT a get rick quick scheme, where you'll be making $7,000 per day on your 2nd day as a Coach. It's a business. 

You do have to WORK, Plug in, and Take part in our groups and team calls to be a successful Coach. This is a business and the business plan is not designed to generate a large income right away.  Most business owners operate at a loss for the first three years that they are in business. Of course, this usually is not the case with Beachbody Coaches who are serious about the business (You can become a Diamond Coach in your first month if you really want to -- I've seen it happen!), but it is important to realize that you most likely aren't going to make big bucks in the first few months. I, personally, didn't make a single dollar for my first 2 months because I wasn't plugging in, I wasn't making contacts, and I wasn't talking to people. As soon as I started becoming more active in the business and treating it like a business I started making a good paycheck every single week, and I have ever since. I would say that the majority of the Coaches on our team that are active in the team pages, calls and training, are making AT LEAST $200-$300 per week.... and we also have Coaches on our team who are making six figures.. it really is up to YOU how much you are worth and how much you want to make! 

A lot of people get into this business expecting to automatically get customers given to them and have a huge downline, and end up quitting because they really only put a couple hours of work into the business. This business is about CONSISTENCY and YOUR OWN EFFORTS.  You have to constantly be learning, trying new things, branching out and using all of the tools you are given to succeed. It is also important to understand that you have to make as many contacts as possible. If you talk to 20 people a week, you might only find 1 person who is really interested in Coaching. If you are only talking to 2 people a week, you are more likely to not find anyone who is interested. On average, only about 1 in 15 Coaches are going to be serious about the business and will end up being great leaders who really want to succeed and will do everything they can to get there.

I’m not here to tell you that Beachbody coaching is easy.  If it were, everyone would be doing it.  But I am here to let you know that if you are willing to put in at least 5 to 15 hours per week of effort over a period of 2 to 5 years, then you can become successful in Beachbody coaching and make a substantial income. I am consistently increasing my income and getting closer to the time when I can say that Beachbody coaching is my full time career.  You can do the same thing too if you choose.  Many of the top financial people in the world like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Robert Kyosaki have praised the opportunities that direct sales and networking marketing like Beachbody coaching can provide.  

Are you ready to make a change in your life?
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